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DOWSE Releases the new handheld HD keyboard DS-782HKB

2017-09-11 14:54:23 Source:DOWSE
Dowse new handheld keyboard adopts the 5” HD LCD. More HD interface such as HDMI input/output; HD-SDI input can support your request.

Main Features:

1. 5” HD LCD screen display the Video of CCTV camera.

DS-782HKB HD handheld keyboard adopts 5” digital LCD screen. It can display larger and clearer view angel. LCD brightness, contrast, color and back light are all adjustable. It’s Convenient for outdoor operation and maintenance

2. Calling and setting the Preset, speed dome camera parameter setting

DS-782HKB can do the PTZ preset and calling functions. It can call the PTZ’s main menu and edit the parameters.

3. Control the PTZ Speed dome and Decoder

DS-782HKB supports the multi protocol such as Pelco-D/P. User can control the Pan, Tilt , zoom, focus and Iris through the RS485 interface.

4. HDMI input and output function. It can convert the HD-SDI signal to HDMI signal.

5. USB Interface (Convenient for updating the software)

6. DS-782HKB keyboard designed specifically for camera power supply.

DS-782HKB built in battery can offer the DC12V 0.6A power to camera. It is convenient for user to test the camera where do not have power.

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